The Last Thing Thursdays {8}

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love my weekly linkup with Jenna from The Life of the Wife... here we go!

The last thing I..

Ate: Chobani Pomegranate. I eat only this one or pineapple. One a day for about 6 months and then stopped cold turkey. I started up again yesterday and boy did I miss this stuff.

Craved: Sushi. Which I won't be craving for long since we are going to our fav place tonight with Dave's sister to celebrate her bday. Once I get a sushi craving it does not go away until satisfied.

Missed: McCoy. I've been so busy packing lately and he lives at Dave's house for now. I'm trying to remind myself that I am busy getting our new home ready for him. I can't wait until I get to wake up to those big floppy ears every morning!

Got nervous about: McCoy and the cats living together. I have tried to plan it all out in my mind of how we are going to gradually introduce them (separate rooms, baby gates, etc...) but you can only plan so much. They are animals and I just want them all to be happy. We will take it as it comes.

The Life of the Wife


  1. I feel the same way about sushi. Something about sushi cravings just don't go away until they are satisfied. And there is nothing close that you can kind of replace the craving with (like greek yogurt instead of pudding). You just gotta get the real deal. This looks delish!

  2. Sushi sounds so good right now! Now, I'm going to be craving it! My cravings for anything don't go away until they are satisfied. In high school, I craved a steak and a baked potato for about a month and everyone had to hear about it daily.

  3. You sound like such a good animal mama. Worrying about introducing the cats to the puppy is perfectly normal. My puppies are curious dogs and they have learned to respect cat's boundaries. Bella sometimes gets a little too excited around my parent's cat.
    I'm a new follower!

  4. I have been loving anything pomegranate lately, I will have to see if my store has that type of yogurt! Happy Thursday :)

  5. Such a beautiful dog!! I've always wanted to try sushi but I'm so scared. What's your favorite?

  6. I love pomegranate. I'm going to HAVE to try that yogurt now! Girl, I have been craving sushi for the past 7 months! I told my hubs that I want sushi to be our first dinner out after my baby girl gets here this summer. SO YUMMY!!

  7. Mmmmm sushi! Drooling. And that seems like a completely justifiable worry. Don't you just love all of the adorable photos or cats and dogs living together and becoming best friends and snuggling?!

  8. I bet McCoy does great with the cats! Goldens are so lovely how could he not ;)